*NOTE: Not all links will work as some are from a previously hosted server.

Friday December 30

Don't be alarmed when you can't download some videos in the next day or so (until Jan 1); the bandwidth is reaching its limit soon! Sorry :/ Yeah and there's still no word on the gallery. I'll give a week or so..if nothing then - I'll reopen the old gallery!

Thursday December 29

3 videos: Beverly Hills 90210 "P.S. I Love You (2)", Season 5 Credits and the Tgaag "The Bear" episode has been reuploaded!

Wednesday December 28

8:27pm I reorganized the videos page..Tgaag "The Bear" episode is missing, so I'll reupload that and have it online for you tomorrow!

3 more videos from 90210 Season 5: "Girls on the Side", "The Real McKay" and "P.S. I Love You (1)". To mix it up, some SBTB videos coming soon!

Tuesday December 27

7:41pm New look at the forum!

3 videos from 90210 Season 5 "Double Jeopardy", "A Song For My Mother" and "Squash It". My apologies for having the videos be so out of place in the videos page. I'll make it all organized soon!

Saturday December 24

Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday December 23

I've done lots of emailing! For those who emailed me in the past few months, you should have gotten a reply by now and if you haven't, possibly try again?

I've added 12 affiliates on: Jon Heder, Brendan Fehr, Garrett Hedlund, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bridget Moynahan, Emily Harper, Emily Harper 2, Gillian Anderson, Kelly Rowland, Mandy Moore, Kelly Taylor (fanlisting) and Kathleen Robertson (fanlisting). Have fun visiting those!

The winners for the contest have been posted, congrats to both Renee and Sage!

And...we have 3 videos from 90210: "Angels We Have Heard On High", "Turn Back The Clock" and "Snowbound" - really indulging episodes!

Tuesday December 20

Two videos: Beverly Hills 90210 "Breast Side Up".

Don't forget to try the contest, deadline is tomorrow by 12:00pm EST!

Monday December 19

I've been getting emails letting me know that the gallery is down, I know :) It doesn't look good, from my host's eyes. I might have to reupload all the photos, which is okay. But just hold tight! ..and join the forum to chat and of course, check out the "exclusives".

Sunday December 18

Here's the mystery for the day...

It seems as if "Stroller Wars" has popped up in Tiffani's Imdb.com filmography for 2006! My guess is, they're gonna try and get in the upcoming line-up? Who knows, but I'm excited. Discuss in the forum :)

Saturday December 17

Thanks to Chaz, we have a clip of Tiffani and the SBTB cast from E! 50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up!

Friday December 16

8:58pm RAVE's first contest is now up! You can try and win prizes of Tiffani goodies sent to your home, gift wrapped (ooo-ahhh). Thanks so much to Katie for helping me out! Even if you don't know all the answers, still try it out. You might even win!


New Video: Beverly Hills 90210 "Our Wedding & A Funeral".

Also, you may want to check out Rebecca Gayheart Fan to follow up on some videos on Toni Marchette and Dylan (and soon the wedding).

Thursday December 15

New Video: Beverly Hills 90210 "Earthquake Weather".

Wednesday December 14

Thanks to Chaz, I've uploaded a video from Just Shoot Me "The Impossible Dream"; enjoy!

Friday December 9

Some really nice people sent me this link, which holds a bunch of HQ videos! They are all around 20 megs, 1 minute long. So you can see that the video quality is excellant!

And..final projects will be getting the best of me this week, so probably not as many updates. Oh yeah, the gallery is down too - more bad news lol. Will try and get that up again!

Wednesday December 7

2:00am Well, the site overall looks good - I tweaked pretty much all the pages. The only section I have to fix is the filmography, which I'll be fixing tomorrow, well have a good night!

12:30am OMG! You guys have to check out Tiffani's site, it's been updated with a new video! Tiffani talks about "Just Pray" and it gives a preview of the film and more, it's great!

We have a new design here! In fact, there's a quite a few different things here :) Of course, check out the poll! It's a random poll, so if you keep refreshing this page you'll see a different poll! And..the gallery is back! Pictures are coming soon, probably tomorrow!

Please comment on this new design in the forum or even emailing me! *Also, tonight you'll notice a few errors, like colors are off ..I'll be fixing that! Okay, well enjoy :)

Monday December 5

10:12pm Tiffani answered this month's questions! You can see her answers here! Some great questions asked!

Back to video updating! I've added two videos: Beverly Hills 90210 "Halloween" and the Liliclaire video of Tiffani talking about Matthew Perry (thanks to Anders for that)!

Friday December 2

Last night, Tiffani was seen at Brady's art show! Click here to see photos.

Thursday December 1

Why does Tiffani admire Matthew Perry? Find out here, a short clip of Tiff at the Liliclaire Fashion Show (a few years back). Thanks so much to Cristelle for letting me know about this! Just make sure you view the video in possibly IE? I tried it in Firefox and it didn't work, so try different browsers!

Wednesday November 30

5:45pm Here's more proof how nice Tiffani is:

Saw Kelly Kapowski, a.k.a tiffani amber thiessen at lombardiís on friday. she didnít even pull out her b-rate status to get a table in the hour-long wait.

Originally found here, thanks to Chaz for letting me know!

Seems as if the gallery got hacked again - yipee! (sarcasm) So until then, I'll be bombarding you guys with videos, not that you should mind ;) Also - there will be a new layout coming up by the end of the week! join the forum!

Monday November 28

Thanks to Amy at the forums for telling us about this link which shows a picture of Tiff's favorite items. Seems interesting for anybody who also might want to buy some of those items as well!

Sunday November 27

2:15pm I got the full article, which is really quite small anyway. Still, if anyone can scan the magazine (there's some pictures, possibly one of Tiff?). The full article is in the news section.

News Tiffani is in the October issue of InStyle magazine! Thanks to Jeed from the forum, we have a little preview of the magazine article - if anyone can get the magazine and scan it for us?. The preview reads:

Rather than try to pick one gift for her girlfriends at her bachelorette party, actress Tiffani Thiessen, who recently wed Brady Smith, decided to give 10 of her favorite things to the friends she calls her favorite people. In addition to the five items pictured, which include ...

That's all I can get unless someone has access to Highbeam.com.

And yes, the gallery is down - sorry for that, not sure why - but it should be resolved soon!

Thursday November 24

Happy Thanksgiving! I added the rest of the caps to Good Morning, Miami: Will You Still Leave Me Tomorrow?, Subterranean Workplace Blues, Nightmare at 5000 Feet and Victoria's Secret - enjoy!

Wednesday November 23

I capped Good Morning, Miami's Her Place or Mine? and added some Autos!

Saturday November 19

I've added some nice pics of Tiffani and Brady at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, plus some Tgaag screencaps here. Plus, I added two video clips from Beverly Hills 90210 "Violated". We now have over 200 clips!

Friday November 18

I've added four more Good Morning, Miami videos, all thanks to Jeed! There's also an update on one of the videos = Subterranean Workplace Blues has been updated to 4 minutes instead of less than a minute, you can see the new video here. Enjoy!

Tuesday November 15

As promised, I added some video clips; three from Good Morning, Miami - very funny clips! Thanks so much to Jeed for those!

*A new layout is coming soon - there have been lots of mixed reactions on this one, so I'm going to change it. If you have any suggestions for the upcoming layout, please let me know in the forum :)

Thursday November 10

More caps? Yes, yes ..more caps! I will soon be adding video clips, so don't worry :)

Caps from Halloween and Earthquake Weather. Visit the forum!!

Saturday November 05

More caps! ...from Lover's Leap, Speechless and Violated.

Tuesday November 01

The gallery is back! I've added caps from Home Is Where The Tart Is, Buffalo Gals, Must Be A Guy Thing and Everything's Coming Up Roses.

Monday October 31

Another HAPPY HALLOWEEN for you!

Seems as if Tiff was a no show at the costume contest...

Added 5 90210 Videos from "The Dreams of Dylan McKay", "Home Is Where The Tart Is" and "Buffalo Girls"...I kinda skipped around, didn't I? Oopsi..well I'll definitely add more from Season 5 since Home Is starts Season 6. Enjoy the clips!

Sunday October 30

Ahhh..the gallery is down again..and I was just about to add over 400 pictures..yeah big update, no more. Anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)

The pet fair is just starting right now! The whole event is from noon - 4pm, but the doggie costume contest starts at 2pm (the one with Tiff) Tons more information about the event can be found here and here. You can find the event map here. Good luck and have fun to anyone who is going!!

Friday October 28

We now have caps from... The Dreams of Dylan McKay, Hate Is Just a Four-Letter Word and Rock of Ages.

Also, someone messaged me on AIM awhile back asking if they could get some clips of "Up In Flames". To that person, I will definitely be adding clips of that episode which is coming up soon!

Thursday October 27

The gallery is back up! I added caps from Who's Zoomin' Who?, Things That Go Bang in the Night and Intervention.

Thanks to Tiff Style from the forum for finding this link of what could possibly be the preparation of her wedding?

NEWS Looks like Tiffani will be judging a costume contest this Halloween - October 30 :)

Take your dog out for something more than a walk in the park at BowWowWeen from noon to 4 PM. The free-to-the-public pet fair and costume contest ($10 entry fee) will be judged by a celebrity panel (including Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell, Tori Spelling, Tiffani Thiessen, Constance Zimmer, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Kate Walsh, plus dog adoptions, a pet psychic and food from local restaurants. The event takes place at 333 South Barrington in Westwood; for more information, call (310) 441-5414. - Source ...anybody gonna be in the LA area? You might run into our girl ;)

I cleaned up the affiliates and fansites pages. Most links were broken and were deleted.

Tuesday October 25

4 videos from 90210: "Who's Zoomin' Who?", "Things That Go Bang in the Night" and "Intervention". Sorry for the quality for some of them, that's just the way the tape is. :/

Monday October 24

Added a bunch of random files - some great Hollywood Ending premieres, out and about, Animal Benefit. Also, one video clip from 90210 "Homecoming". Enjoy!

Saturday October 22

Welcome to the new version of the site! Lots of new things: most definitely no iframes, we broke out. (err...cept for the articles) I'll probably go back to them in the future, but we'll try this out for now! All the pages have just about been revamped, I'm going to be revamping a little more later. We have one new section: specials and one new page: official sites. Everything has been designed by me, navigation etc. If you can't see the flash navigation, please download Macromedia Flash - it's worth it!

Other than that, enjoy! Suggestions are always welcome!

Friday October 21

Added some random photos: scans, hq photoshoots, oo! and some hq ones from the T-Mobile party.

Thursday October 20

Some great 90210 videos from "Life After Death" and "Rave On" - go watch!

Wednesday October 19

New pictures! Yesterday, Tiffani and Brady attended the T-Mobile Sidekick II Custom Series Launch Party, check em out ;)

Sunday October 16

Samael sent in some beautiful / awesome shots of Tiffani from her SBTB days. Check them out! I added some Cast Photos to SBTB, all hq!

Friday October 14

Tiffani's official site launched the Talkin' With Tiffani questions and answers! You can check out the answers there or here and ask questions here or there as well! Thanks so much to R. Dean Johnson and of course Tiffani for making this possible :)

I've added two 90210 clips from "Under The Influence". I'll be sure to make the next videos better quality!

Saturday October 08

1 video clip of "Greatest Christmas Moments of All Time".

Friday October 07

More clips :) 3 more videos from 90210: "Courting", "Fortunate Son" and "Angels We Have Heard On High". Once again, thanks to the awesome Chaz for his burning skills. Enjoy!

Thursday October 06

I've added 5 video clips to 90210. Four from "Offensive Interference" and one season 6 promo! Thanks to Chaz for burning vids, and there's plenty more to come!!

Wednesday October 05

1:25am Added some icons!

Screencaps! ...from Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style and Favorite Christmas Moments of All Time...and soon I will be adding video clips to these two!

Tuesday October 04

Photos! The first 13 caps to The Gift were added..for some reason they weren't before. Also, capped Screech's Woman. Two better quality photos from the Central Coast Wine and Food Celebration.

Friday September 30

10:12pm More photos from the Palm Springs Festival!

!! So much good news, guys! Tiffani's Official Site was updated with an interview from Hollywood.com, such a good read - Tiffani's really busy! "Just Pray" received 'Best Family Film' at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. And her short film is also accepted into the Bahamas International Film Festival. PLUS! There's going to be a QA "Talkin with Tiffani" - where Tiffani will answer your questions! Talk about all the good news in the forum!

Thursday September 29

More photos! Caps from Unreal World, some DVD scans, Sbtb cast and lots of caps from the video clips we have. Thanks to Fred for some of the scans!

Wednesday September 28

I've added various different photos to the gallery, lots of rare photos!

Wanted to thank Herman for this photo; thanks to Alex for the other016b and burberry photo; thanks to Denise for the bevpromo's.

I also added one video clip of Saved by the Bell "Boss Lady", enjoy!

Tuesday September 27

Lots of great super hq images added to the gallery! Click here for the latest uploads, enjoy!

Monday September 26

Yay! Tiff and Dean won the 2nd place Audience Award in the best live action over 15 minutes with the short film, "Just Pray" on Sunday in the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films! You can see photos here, and of course congrats!

Sunday September 18

Found the The Final Goodbye of 90210 on Morpheus (virus free) the other day! Not sure who to credit there, but it's a great video :) If you want credit, just email me. Also made caps to that. Plus added various other photos from: Out and About and Unknown.

Wednesday September 14

A whole bunch of photos were added today..and some yesterday, which were not added to the new gallery; I forgot, but thanks to Momir for pointing those out!

However; today I added photos mainly from: Out and About, Rare Collection #14, FHM, Promos / Cast (look at latest additions at bottom, those four), Instyle Celebrity Weddings (better quality), two photoshoots: 1, 2; 3 better quality photoshoots: 1, 2 and 3, and lots of Clippings!

Thanks to Denise, Momir and Veronique for contributing some photos!

Tuesday September 13

6 more video clips added, this time from Saved by the Bell "All In The Mall" (funny episode!) and Dusk Till Dawn 2. Enjoy!

Monday September 12

Added 6 Fastlane clips to "Simone Says" - sync is a bit off...not sure how to fix that. If anybody has an idea, can you let me know? Also - look out for some Saved by the Bell clips and Dusk Till Dawn 2!

Sunday September 11

As promised, some different things - added caps to Good Morning, Miami's, "With Friends Like These, Who Needs An Emmy?".

Also added 9 video clips, majority from Two Guys and A Girl, plus one Fastlane promo! Enjoy ;)

Saturday September 10

10:14pm - article posted

NEWS: found on www.tiffanithiessen.com (guestbook), Ryan interviewed Tiffani! You can read it here, I'll be posting the rest up in a minute! Click the arrows to go to one page or another!

More caps! I promise to try and add some different things within the next few days..., caps from Dosed and Iced (not quite finished), enjoy!

Wednesday September 07

I've added around 200 photos to the Fastlane episode: "Asslane" - enjoy!

Monday September 05

Happy Labor Day! More Fastlane caps: Dogtown, Get Your Mack On, Monster (all I can seem to make; dvd is scratched :/) and Overkill!

Saturday September 03

Added caps from Fastlane episodes: Strap On and Simone Says. Is it me or the gallery really slow?

Added caps from Fastlane episodes: Ray Ray, Ryde or Die and Strap On (more coming)!

Saturday July 02 2005

Things should be picking up better at this site soon! Today I added a few things to catch up!

One video clip of Just Shoot Me, it's actually the full clip instead of the little clips, thanks Chaz! Plus, a few favorite tiffani role and caption this! submissions.

We have new affiliates on Marisa Lander, Prison Break (TV Show), Mary Kate & Ashley.

Also, the 90210 episodes seem to be hitting the soap network! Be sure to watch them, you'll be getting the best of Tiff (I think anyway *ahem*). And look out for the first episode of Tiffani on RAVE ...coming soon!

Saturday June 23 2005

Ahh, my calendar is all screwy. Today is June 23, it better be lol.

Anyway, I added 7 videos from Just Shoot Me "Finch Chasing Amy", thanks to Chaz - funny episode!

Monday June 20 2005

Check this out:

Question: Got scoop? ó Bob

Ausiello: Guess who UPN approached to replace the recently-axed Shannen Doherty in this fall's comedy Love, Inc.? I'll give you one hint: It wouldn't be the first time this particular actress was handpicked to succeed Doherty on a TV show. Give up? It's none other than Tiffani Thiessen! But I hear the former 90210 diva passed on the gig, likely on the grounds that she's tired of taking Shannen's leftovers.

lol Wouldn't be the first time ;)

Tuesday June 19 2005

Whoo, this site is dying for a new layout! I'll definitely be creating something soon.

Today, I added 7 videos: six from Saved by the Bell (which are really good ones, the breakup is in there!) and one from The Ladies Man, go watch!

Saturday June 17 2005

I scanned in 60+ Trading Cards from The College Years, great quotes and photos in there ;)

Thursday June 16 2005

I've added a bunch of HQ's to the gallery! Some great ones from the one photoshoot (my favorite!), one AMA and one Mercedes-Benz 2005. All pictures here. :)

Tuesday June 14 2005

More pictures! Added 100+ from episode Finch Chasing Amy, thanks to Chaz; videos coming soon!

Some photoshoots and some more random photos.

Also a news tidbit about Fastlane being on Court TV, check it out! (thanks Suzie!)

Sunday June 12 2005

Added some scans and some awesome photoshoots!

Saturday June 11 2005

Added caps from The Famous Belding Boys, off of the Season 3 SBTB DVD!

Wednesday June 08 2005

I've added 164 caps of "Good Morning, Manhatten".

Tuesday June 07 2005

Stephen sent in more pictures of Tiffani at the Big Dog Parade! Thanks again :) And we also have two pictures from Denise in there!

I made caps from the 90210 videos I recently added: caps from the Promo and One Hour Special.

Finally, thanks to both Denise (for sending link) and Anders (for converting files) for the Ross The Intern at the Armani Fashion Show clip! You can see caps of that here. Enjoy!

Monday June 06 2005

1:36pm Whoo! Thanks so much to Stephen for sending in a photo from the Big Dog Parade!

Hmm...not finding anything related to Tiffani and the Big Dog Parade. Has anyone found anything (pictures, information, videos regarding Tiff)?

Anyway, today I've added 3 video clips from 90210 and She Fought Alone! Also two affiliates on Paris Hilton and Jennie Garth.

Whoo! Scans coming soon and I'm waiting for the second SBTB DVD to make caps for you guys.

Friday June 03 2005

GREAT News! Tiffani is scheduled to attend, participate and judge in the "11th Annual Big Dog Parade", which benefits Big Dog causes. She will be alongside, co-star and pal, Tori Spelling and will "participate in the event as a celebrity judge", according to MarketWire.com.

The event will be held on Saturday June 4th in Santa Barbara, California. You can get information on how to watch the parade as well as a Tiffani interview via the article.

By the way, does anybody have satellite, and if so - can you somehow make caps and / or make a video of Tiffani in the interview?

Thursday June 02 2005

Wow, it seems like just yesterday I updated...sorry about that! Well, I added a video clip from 90210 - steamy! Thanks to Denise for it! Also, I capped the video - kinda went crazy with this new program.

Also thanks to Tim and Kelly for the photoshoots!

Saturday May 28 2005

Added caps from "My Dad Taught Me When I Was 17" clip which can be found here, as well as more photos from the Entourage premiere!

Friday May 27 2005

Some media today! 1 video clip from season 9 theme credits of Beverly Hills 90210. Plus, I also uploaded the Vertical Horizon music video to gotmedia.org. Also, we now have audio clips!

In the forum I added some more pictures of Tiff out and about (Web Links > Exclusives).

Thursday May 26 2005

I've a ton of great pics! More from Entourage (more coming!), 1-900-CRUSHED, Running Zach and From Nurse To Worse. That's it for the season 1 and 2 dvd! Some from Tori's Wedding.

I tidied up the gallery a bit - added event information such as date held and where the event was taken. Small stuff. You can click here for the rest of the photos that aren't mentioned above.

*Also, the gallery might be down a little bit this weekend. My host is moving servers, something like that.

Wednesday May 25 2005

Whoo! Today Tiffani went to see Entourage, HBO's new series. She looks absolutely stunning in those photos!

Also, we can see her at Malibu Beach on May 19th! If you can't see the pics (some people couldn't), you can see them here. Also, in the forums I posted some pictures of Tiffani out and about (Web Links > Exclusives).

Saturday May 22 2005

Seeing as I haven't gotten many caption this! submissions, I decided to change the picture! So what do you think Tiffani is laughing so hard about in the picture? Also, added one in the archived captions page.

Plus, we have one favorite tiffani role and 4 affiliates on Natalie Ramsey, Celebrities, Celebrity Multimedia (including Tiffani) and Beverly Hills 90210.

Plus, thanks to Denise, Momir and Cal - we have three new video clips! And now all the "Stranger Beside Me" clips work; they were originally on rapidshare.de, but it doesn't work anymore. So they will work now :)

Wednesday May 18 2005

10:30pm I bare bad news :( Tiffani's sitcom Stroller Wars was not picked up. You can see the new fall line up here > her show unlisted. However; her fiance's show got picked up!

click to view larger image Good news? Thanks to Esther at the forums, we have a picture of Tiffani and Brady at Jason's wedding. Click the picture to the left for the full view.


I'm back - two weeks? Nahh, I'm feeling better now - had a sprain in my right wrist (ouch!). Anyway, it seems as if Tiffani attended Jason Priestley's wedding. Many articles about that, but one in particular is pointed out by Hello Magazine. I'm on the lookout for any photos!

And thanks for Dora for updating a little here and there :) Be sure to visit her sites: Room For Two, Genuine and Closer.

Monday May 16 2005

A news tidbit found here.
Fall Show Lineup has familiar faces "And Tiffani Thiessen, former teen star of "Beverly Hills 90210," plays a grown-up mom on an untitled CBS sitcom pilot." If you have more information on this please e-mail me.

Saturday May 14 2005

Hey everyone, this is Dora, and I'm Jess's bud! I'm gonna try and update a little for the next 2 weeks because Jess is having a few problems. If you wanna help me out a little, please contact me at dora(at)j-mayer(dot)org. Thanks!

Friday May 13 2005

Well, I'm done with college for the summer :) More updates for the site, yay! Today I've added several more screencaps from: Blind Date, Jessie's Song, Miss Bayside and Rent-A-Pop.

Wednesday May 11 2005

Earlier today I added some images, but I didn't have time to update here. Anyway, I added screencaps from Driver's Education, House Party, Model Students and Save The Max, all from SBTB!

Tuesday May 10 2005

Last batch of scans (for now), until I get another clippings set in the mail, lol. Also, thanks to John for the nice A Killer Among Friends caps.

Monday May 09 2005

5:06pm Two affiliates on Touched By An Angel and Sienna Miller.

More scans (and even more on their way!): latest here. Some from Tribeca, lots of SBTB (thanks to Barb for some of the cast photos), a bigger photo from the previous one.

Thanks to Anders, we have the third episode from Good Morning, Miami "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Emmy's?" - got watch!

Sunday May 08 2005

I've added a whole bunch of scans! You can see all the latest additions here. And how cute was Tiffani as a child? Adorable! Thanks to Barb for the Saved by the Bell: On the Set photos, lots more goodies to come!

Saturday May 07 2005

Two news bits: "Just Pray" is scheduled to premiere at the Seattle Film Festival from May 19 - June 12; hopefully we'll be getting good news about the festival (award wise).

Also, in the April issue of InStyle, Tiffani is mentioned! (thanks Jeed)

BUMBLE & BUMBLE Thickening Shampoo
"I use it on Tiffani Thiessen's hair" says Los Angeles stylist Claudio Lazo, who also work with Leah Rimini & Teri Hatcher. He praises the panthenol-&-wheat formula for "creating lots of volume for fine hair without making it feel sticky" $16/8oz; 888-728-6253 for stores

This can be also found in the Style Book. That's about it for tonight, however; you'll be seeing lots of rare, nice scans tomorrow! There's some great ones from her SBTB days!

Wednesday May 04 2005

I've added a bunch of reasons and some affiliates on Ethan Hawke, John Amedori, Michael Owen, Bright and Hannah (Everwood) and Tiffani Thiessen.

Also added 8 video clips from E! True Hollywood Story "Saved by the Bell" - thanks Chaz - it's a great video!

Monday May 02 2005

We're in May already?! Where did the time go? Anyways, there's a new article about Diet Designs, which really helps you out dieting and with secret tips - Tiffani is one of the many celebrities trying this out. You can read the full article here.

Friday April 29 2005

Thanks to Chaz, we now have photos and videos from TGaaG "The Undercard" - gooood episode!

Thursday April 28 2005

I designed 14 more MSN Icons (or for live journal, etc.) - I also have tons of submissions and affiliates I will be adding shortly!

Wednesday April 27 2005

Good news and bad news. (bad): It seems as if Tiffani will not be in "Halloween 9", I don't see it at Imdb.com :(

Good news! Tiffani and Constance posed for the camera at the Tribeca Film Festival, which I guess lasts a couple days. Those photos were taken on April 26. And one from Women In Film event, also at the festival, which was found here.

Also, on April 25 - Tiffani and Constance were walking around lower Manhatten after having lunch with a friend at Yaffa Cafe in New York City. You can see the pictures here. Sorry, can't them bigger :/ (thanks Andrea for letting me know!)

Plus, a new article about The History of Saved by the Bell, includes some interesting things you might wanna know! Found another picture of the festival, will add it soon!

Sunday April 24 2005

8 good videos added today! Seven from Saved by the Bell and one from Good Morning, Miami "Good Morning Manhatten", thanks to Anders!

Saturday April 23 2005

Added loads of caps! 100+ caps from The New Good Morning, Miami, NewsRadio, AMA's, Valerie Malone, 90210 Credits, Cannes Interview, College Years: Promos (thanks Cristelle), Ivans XTC (thanks Aaron) and a bunch of small others here and there. Whoo!

Friday April 22 2005

3:53am NEW! Tiffani at the Tribeca Film Festival - here - great shots, some thanks to Mandy. Plus, she attended the party - Showtime Sales Reputation, which is apart of the Tribeca festival. Looking classy ;)


I've added a bunch of random photos to the gallery. Thanks to Fred, Denise, Herman and Adi (forgot your email, sorry!) for contributing!

And for those of you who might not have been able to see the Kinara pictures, maybe some error or something? You can see them here.

Also, Lions Gate has released their Season 5 DVD cover, you can see the new cover here along with an article describing their changes (there was a previous one).

Thursday April 21 2005

The other day Tiffani was at the Kinara Spa, how would I do know that? Check the pictures here, she looks comfy! Unfortunately, can't get pictures bigger :/

Pictures added! I added better qualities into the 3rd rare collection, they're the ones without the tags. Various scans from Entertainment Weekly 1995, photoshoots, SBTB: Cast. Some 90210, Around the World, just a majority of stuff.

With thanks to Chaz for letting me know about Tiffani's outting, thanks to Fred for some of the SBTB: Cast photos and Denise for the one 90210 photo :)

Wednesday April 20 2005

6:26pm Did some updating to the information pages! The biography pages are all updated in some way, plus I did four more filmography's (details). The production page updated.

One affiliate on Project Runway, a new TV show for upcoming models. Converted the Movie Posters and Other to the new gallery.

Also, when both galleries were down - I added some REALLY NICE HQ photoshoots in the forum. You can check them out in the "Rave -- Tiffani Thiessen" forum. Enjoy!


Gallery is up. The other day I added a whole bunch of pictures, just keep checking. Thanks to Herman who sent in screencaps from The Ladies Man and The College Years! Plus a lot more to the events portion.

They're all the same photos that you've seen except for some additions in the following galleries: Jerry Penacoli's Debut Art Opening, Jennie Kayne Fashion Show, Mercedes '05 (hq's; thanks Andrea!).

Come back later today because I will be doing various updates!

Monday April 18 2005

Gallery is down, but it should be up soon as I asked for more bandwidth. Anyway, the official site posted 6 pictures of Tiffani at the Vail Film Festival here, that I don't have.

Also, at Got Media?, I posted a few videos from 90210 "Pilot". The episode doesn't include Tiffani, but if you're still a fan of the show - check it out ;)

Saturday April 16 2005

Whew! About 1000 more photos added to the new gallery, added especially in the premieres, events and photoshoots galleries!

Friday April 15 2005

New Article! Vail, 90210? - thanks to TiFF StyLe for giving word of it!

We got 7 videos from Saved by the Bell (yes, 7 :D). Some funny clips there! Also, three affiliates on Amy Lee, Brittany Murphy and Katie Holmes. Go join the forum if you haven't already!

*Also, the other gallery is up, but it'll soon be deleted once I'm done with the new one!

Thursday April 14 2005

Around 1500 pictures added to the new gallery! Lots of caps from SBTB, premieres, She Fought Alone caps, 50 Most Wicked Women of Primetime and Other Sizes (wallpapers). Almost there!

Wednesday April 13 2005

The gallery is back :)

Tuesday April 12 2005

Added 6 videos from She Fought Alone! Do you guys want SBTB videos too?

Monday April 11 2005

NEWS - Tiffani is set to star in Halloween 9, the sequel to Halloween: Resurrection following the story of Michael Myers awaiting execution and the film going back to its roots as the look and feel of the movie. You can read all that and more in the news section!

From what I'm looking at at Imdb.com - looks like it's gotta a good run (John Carpenter writing, Dimension films production). Some good info right there!

Also, in the forum where it says "fan encounters", Suzanne posted her experience on what it was like at the taping of Stroller Wars and meeting Tiffani - link.

Friday April 08 2005

2:17am New skin over at the forum!

1:03am Made some more avatars.

For those of you who emailed me about the Jenee video - you should have gotten a reply! Also, Tiffani should be acting righht now for Stroller Wars, the pilot is being taped today!

Tiffani attended the Vail Film Festival on April 2nd - we have photos for you here. Both galleries are down...so that's our best bet. Doesn't she look flawless?

Unfortunately, she did not win any awards - but looked like she had a fabulous time!

Thursday April 07 2005

And of course, the picture gallery is down. What else is new *sigh* I guess I just need to win the jackpot to keep it up! Sheesh.

Did you guys catch the video of Jenee who tried looking like Tiffani? I have four clips of the show...but I don't think I'll post them on here b/c they're pretty graphical and kinda groass ...when the doctor's were doing the surgery. I may post them, but for now - email me, and I'll give you the links!

Wednesday April 06 2005

Say hello to the new PICTURE GALLERY! For some of you daily visitors, you may remember that domain name was used for the site; it's back ;) Also - the gallery is not done, but I just had to get it up for you guys!

I've added tons of images from: Shriek caps, to caps from Talk Shows, plus I redid the Fastlane section - with caps from almost all episodes. Some are unknown, so I couldn't figure out which episode they were from.

I'll be leaving up both image galleries until all the images are converted over to the new domain, enjoy ;)

Monday April 04 2005

Catch Jenee tomorrow @ 10 on "I Want A Famous Face" to watch her get plastic surgery and the works just to look at beautiful as Tiffani!

Jenee is a hair stylist from Long Island who dreams of looking like actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen...continued

Friday April 01 2005

11:08pm - new Tiffani article! The flipside of Tiffani Thiessen - lots of good things about Tiff!

Ahh...spring is finally over here in the east coast. Thought it would never get here! Anyway, today I have added 4 videos from "Son In Law". The recently added are now on the top of the page*.

*Tiffani will be in the city of Sonoma April 1 - 3 (today!) attending the annual film festival.

Also, one affiliate on Nip Tuck and a bunch of reasons.

*gallery is having an error, sent email to host, hopefully will resolved soon.

Thursday March 31 2005

A bunch of random things: I added more PSD's, haven't added those in awhile! In the forum, I posted 9 really really coool photoshoots of Tiffani, so join if you haven't! I'll add them to the gallery when the new one is up.

Also, I forget where I got this photo - but it was taken in NYC and at the time and there was a huge billboard of Fastlane, I just thought it was interesting to show you - billboard - too bad Tiff wasn't there :/

Wednesday March 30 2005

Three more videos thanks to Anders! We now have ones from the McDonalds Commercial, Tiffani presenting at the AMA's and her and Rich at the Motorola party - videos. Affiliates - next update!

Tuesday March 29 2005

I've added 4 videos from Tiffani on "Last Call w/Carson Daly". They're split b/c the original was just way too big. Thanks to Chaz for them! Also, you'll notice I organized the videos section and you may want to read here - just take a quick read.

Also, the "Rock Across America", "Speedway Junky" and "She Fought Alone" videos are also now live :)

Sunday March 27 2005

1:32am Also - we have one new affiliate on Nikki Cox!

The photo gallery has been shut down b/c of bandwidth issues again, sorry for this. On the contrary, Happy Easter :)

Thursday March 24 2005

Today (already), Tiffani attended Jerry Penacoli's Debut Art Opening with Brady! Also, I got one more news bit.

I added around 6 more Mercedes 05, plus Tiffani on Late Night with Conan O' Brian video clip (thanks Chaz). I won't be adding the caps till the new gallery. That's about it - enjoy!

Wednesday March 23 2005

More videos! Well I uploaded the following to gotmedia.org, so they're now live: Aiming to Just Shoot Me, Tgaag "A Moving Script", 90210 The Final Goodbye and Fastlane: Strap On. There's still a few more to be uploaded there!

Also, thanks to Anders - we have a GMM clip from "The New Good Morning Miami" episode, which includes all of Tiffani's scenes from that episode. Head on over to the videos section.

Saturday March 19 2005

I've added a bunch of reasons and a bunch of favorite tiffani roles. Plus - two affiliates: Ashlee Net and All Things Lita.

Friday March 18 2005

Thanks to Chaz, I've uploaded a video of Tiffani on The Today Show from October 2003! Caps are coming soon, but watch the video...I thought it was really good.

Also, most of the videos are now uploaded on my new domain - which should be good enough when it comes to space and bandwidth issues! The rest will be uploaded soon :)

Thursday March 17 2005

More news! Yesterday, Tiffani attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, hanging out with her bud - Constance Zimmer. You can also see more here, which I'm unable to get :/

Also, the Just Pray site is now open! Browse the behind the scenes and see cool shots of Tiffani! (thanks Jeed for info) enjoy!

Wednesday March 16 2005

Two news bits! Get your chance to see Tiffani live at Culver Studios taping Stroller Wars and Tiffani's film will make its Colorado premiere at the Second Annual Vail Film Festival. Read all that and more in the news!

Friday March 11 2005

3:11am news regarding Stroller Wars: scheduled to tape on Friday, April 8 at the Culver Studios in Los Angeles from The Futon Critic - whoo!

I finally learned how to make videos off of DVDs so - 7 videos of Shriek were added, some in high and low.

Wednesday March 09 2005

If you haven't noticed, the gallery was having some errors, but it's back now! Speaking of the gallery, I found a new host and I'll be uploading all the pictures day by day...just so you know - updates may be a little slim in the picture department. Good day!

Sunday March 06 2005

4:36pm Woahh we got two new links for you guys: Tit 4 Tat Productions and Just Pray: Official...you may want to bookmark those! Also, here's a cute little baby pictures found on Tiff's site!

It couldn't be more official than Tiffani's official site - Tiffani is engaged. You can check out Brady's official site here!

Friday March 04 2005

Anders made us a video clip of Two Guys and a Girl "15 Minutes of Shame" - thanks! Also, Lisa made us 16 icons.

Also, you can now break out of the iframe in the videos page. This page seems better (to me) to view the videos, instead of a cramped iframe. The next layout, I may change the structure to tables just for one layout and change back to iframes.

Thursday March 03 2005

Thanks to Chaz, we have six video clips from Married ...with Children "What Goes Around, Comes Around."

We also have some photos for you: some Hollywood Ending portraits, 90210, Fastlane, a magazine cover. Thanks to Denise and Cristelle for submitting! There's some really cool icons coming soon!

Interaction updates as follows: 3 reasons, 1 favorite tiffani role. Plus affiliates on Thalia, John Schneider and J H Brandt.

Tuesday March 01 2005

7:02pm Good news!! Tiffani's, "Just Pray", got an Honorable Mention at the 28th CFVF 2005 Awards (the film festival). The film was under
The Independent Narrative category. Her film didn't win, but she was next up! You can read more about the festival in the news page!

Also added some news about the season 5 Saved by the Bell DVD!

Whew! We made it, we lasted through a whole month without the site dying on us (b/c of bandwidth). It was pretty close! Now I can add some things that were sent in from fans and such. Also, the gallery is back up!

Friday February 25 2005

We have really great Tiff news!! She's back on TV, starring in CBS's comedy pilot Stroller Wars, about a New York couple who are new parents, adjusting to parenthood. She'll be playing the mom / wife, and it just seems really interesting from what I found so far! You can read everything in the news page.

Also, Just Pray is now at imdb.com, with some information regarding the film. And today, is when Tiffani debuted film, so good luck Tiffani, your fans wish you the best :)

Saturday February 19 2005

The gallery has been closed - we're back with the bandwidth issues again, however; I'm going to be moving the gallery over to a new server, hopefully soon :)

Friday February 18 2005

1:29am Do you want Saved by the Bell to have a reunion? Make your voice heard and vote for the show here. Let's make sure SBTB stays in the lead!

Updated news section with: Actress in Aynor to scout set ideas (talks about Just Pray)!

Wednesday February 16 2005

Tiffani engaged?! Read the scoop in the news section!

Tuesday February 15 2005

9:33pm The three video clips were added as well, thanks so much to Chaz :)

I've added 220 screencaps from The Stranger Beside Me, thanks so much to Chaz! Video clips coming soon from that movie!

Monday February 14 2005

10:31pm I've added a bunch more high qualities, and I updated the news page. Four favorite tiffani role and one caption this! submissions!

We also have 7 new affiliates on Juliette Lewis, Kelly MacDonald, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes, Johnny Depp, Summerland and Kristin Kreuk!

Look who has a new layout! This is certainly different, that's why I like it! Let's hope you guys do as well... Oh - and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :)

Also, wanted to point out that the navigation does not have a home / main page; if you click on the title it takes you back here. And the web / fanzone is two different links.

Wednesday February 09 2005

All the videos should work now; so just right click 'click here' and save target as and you can download the zip!

Tuesday February 08 2005

I've added some, I guess you could call them, high quality photoshoots. They are in the gallery already, but they're bigger. More coming soon!

Also, check out Tiffani's Official Site, there's news about her upcoming Just Pray which will be premiering at an upcoming festival shortly.

Monday February 07 2005

Omg, this layout has been up for four months ahh.. pray that I make something decent soon!

The videos still aren't fixed, shame on me. Hopefully I'll get to them later on today! But, thanks to Denise we have a scan from Tori Spelling's Wedding!

Friday February 04 2005

I've added five video clips from TGaaG, "A Moving Script", good episode! They're at the bottom and I did some reorganization for the videos.

Also, the videos above the newly added don't seem to work where if you right click on the 'click here' and save, you don't save the zip, so I will be fixing that when I get home later tonight! Good day :)

Thursday February 03 2005

We have two new affiliates: Hanna World and 7 Dreams, a forum on Jennie Garth with 6 other celebrities!

Also, we have pictures from TGaaG, "A Moving Script", courtesy of Chaz. Videos are coming soon from that episode! Also some photoshoots from Fred. Enjoy!

Wednesday February 02 2005

1:21am There's also a new look at the forum, a nice cozy blue! Go post!

Yay, Rave's back! I am going to pretend we're still in January and continue on with the birthday wishes...it's quite disappointing that the site had to shut down again especially in the month of Tiffani's birthday.

Well, good news! The gallery is up with a brand new look! I'm debating if I want to use that layout as the main site layout...what do you guys think?

Sunday January 22 2005

I added a ton of birthday wishes. I'll be adding them as I get them! Also, to fix some of these bandwidth issues, I will be moving the gallery to another server, but next month I'll still bring the gallery back over here so you guys can still see the pictures here :)

Saturday January 21 2005

Happy 31st Birthday Tiffani! Our favorite actress just turned 31 and to commemorate I created a new layout and a section for Tiffani's 31st! (A little late, in fact horribly late. I apologize!) You can see the section here and submit your wish!:

31st birthday / submit wish

Tuesday January 18 2005

7 more video clips added! By the way, how is rapidshare.de working out?

Monday January 17 2005

Bobbie just informed us that Tiffani is in the latest issue of Instyle magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover. There is a picture of her at Tori Spelling's wedding! Hopefully we can get a scan soon!

Sunday January 16 2005

We have good news and we have bad news for the site.

The bad news is that the bandwidth is already shooting up about 86% now, and that if bandwidth reaches up to 100%, the site will shut down until February 1st. So I shut down the image gallery. That'll be back up February 1st. Most of the bandwidth problems seem to be caused by the gallery...

The good news is that I uploaded several videos to a great free host, Rapid Share. I uploaded a Love Stinks video clip (courtesy of Chaz!). Anders also has his "You're A God" music video on a file sharing program. The video size is huge, and I couldn't even upload it to rapid share. Once you have the Azerueus file downloaded, just click on 'click here' in the videos and the video should start downloading.

And I did not forget about Tiffani's birthday. If the site remains up, there'll be a new layout and a contest. If the site exceeds bandwidth, continue to check out the forum and I'll have the contest there!

Saturday January 15 2005

The Speedway Junky clip is now back online; good night!

Friday January 14 2005

1:52am The Video Clips section has returned with a new set. The one video has to be reuploaded due to errors somehow. And the rest of the video clips I will be hosting elsewhere (which saves us bandwidth!).

More photos! A bunch more from Harald! Also, two favorite tiffani roles and one reasons. Plus, three affiliates on Kerr Smith (my new fansite), Celebrities Fans and Julianne Moore.

Definitely something new coming soon...I'm terribly sorry. I have the idea in my head, an awesome idea too and I just can't get it down in my graphic program. Hang in there ;)

Saturday January 8 2005

I've added a ton of high qualities. The (really cool) Fastlane promos are thanks to Harald as well as the Can't Hardly Wait, If These.. and Big Daddy premiere photos. More coming soon from him :)

Also, two affiliates on Amy Dumas and Eric Balfour. Plus three reasons and one favorite tiffani role. Enjoy!

Friday January 7 2005

I've added a few pictures today, mostly high qualities.

I am going to try and update tomorrow night, if not the next time I will update will be...sometime next week. At the beginning of next week, I will be erasing my hard-drive (due to virus infections and excessive spam) so I will be left without a computer for a couple of days. As always, keep checking at the forum (and if you have not joined yet, shame on you! :P).

Tuesday January 4 2005

I'm trying to get back on track. Today, I brought back the photo gallery. I am trying to get the old URL back, but it's not working. I added a whole bunch of photos in there. Some new galleries, events, premieres. Some courtesy of Matt and Fred.

The video clips will be coming soon; I'm afraid to even upload them because of the bandwidth issues. I posted some semi-exclusives in the forum. Join or login to see them!

Also, I wanted to thank Svenja for making Rave December Site of the Month. You can see the lovely award here. Plus, Jess surprised me with making a fanlisting for RAVE. How cool! Thanks Jess!!

That about wraps it up; I am trying to create a new layout for this site - so hopefully something new will pop-up soon!

Monday January 3 2005

The site is BACK!!! Finally, after a half a month, it has returned! Guys, the bandwidth was so high it just had to shut down. Let's hope it doesn't happen again. Enjoy the site for now, I will try to put up a new layout soon and put up the surprise. And I didn't forget, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)