*NOTE: Not all links will work as some are from a previously hosted server.

Tuesday December 11

Thanks to Jenn for letting us all know that Canada's "E! Talk Daily" went on the set of "Weapon" recently and spoke with the director, Bruce Greenwood and Tiffani.

As Jenn remembers, "They went behind the scenes of the movie and Tiffani talked about how much she loves Canada. I know she filmed "Buried Secrets" here in Canada.

The director had nothing but praise for both Bruce and Tiffani. The scene they were shooting was indoors, but under pretty cool temperatures. Not much was said about the actual film because they didn't want to give anything away. The cast is enjoying themselves."

Thanks Jenn! If anyone reading this is able to get me a video from E! Talk Daily, that would be most appreciated :)

Monday December 10

I added the last videos from SBTB: The College Years: "Love and Death", "Marry Me" and "Wedding Plans", a good half hour of watching there ;) I'll be putting together a bloopers video, featuring all the bloopers from the DVD, that should be fun to watch!

There's a new contest headed your way super soon, so don't go away!

Wednesday November 28

LATEST NEWS! Looks like Tiffani will be starring in a new movie titled "Weapon" opposite UFC champion, Rich Franklin and Bruce Greenwood (from "I Robot" and "Deja Vu"). Here's more info about the action movie (according to TradingMarkets.com:

"In "Weapon," a lonely U.S. border patrol agent (Thiessen) apprehends a genetically engineered super-soldier (Franklin) and experiences the ride of her life when the soldier's creator (Greenwood) relentlessly hunts them down. The film is being produced by Joshua Gray and directed by John Stead, and is based on a screenplay by John Flock and Christopher Warre Smets. Executive producers are Jacqueline Kelly, Barbara Sacks, Kate Harrison and Lewin Webb. "Weapon" is currently filming in Hamilton, Ontario."

Hopefully you guys caught that last part. If any of you guys up in Ontario are reading, hopefully you can stop by the film and see Tiff :)

Thursday November 22

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

Saturday November 17

Three new SBTB: The College Years videos have been added: "Kelly and the Professor", "The Rave" and "Bedside Manner". Such good episodes!

Friday November 09

1:57am Will I ever stop updating tonight? lol... here's more images of the Juicy Couture event.


12:42am All of the videos from SBTB season 1 were missing, so I added three of them, rest coming later!


11:58pm A little catching up here - We have some new affiliates on: Carmen Electra, Wentworth Miller, Julianna Margulies and Brad Pitt.

Also, at Family-Man.net, we are Site of the Month! Thanks so much Isabelle! She even made us a little plaque. :)


11:38pm Thanks to Dan of Masscom Photography for allowing me to post an image he took of Tiffani at the Las Vegas Grand Prix this year. I'm not sure if it's the exact date as the Vegas Grand Prix. Dan had to say this about Tiffani:

"She was getting a ride in a two-seater formula one race car at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. A 700 HP Cosworth V10. a screaming machine. They probably reach speeds of 180 MPH on the straight away. I think she liked the ride..." Thanks Dan!


11:04pm In other news/unrelated news, Beverly Hills 90210's season 3 is coming to DVD: December 11 2007, getting there!


On Tuesday, November 6, Tiffani was seen at the Juicy Couture party with Brady! Juicy Couture threw a celebrity-studded party at the new store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

I'm wondering what happened to Tiffani's leg... let's hope she's okay :) Thanks Mariana for the info and images! And we have...

...from SBTB The College Years:

- A Question of Ethics
- The Rave
- Bedside Manner
- Love and Death
- Marry Me
- Wedding Plans

I also added: this picture in better quality and this image, which is somewhat similar to the others.

Expect videos coming from TCY next; I already started with two videos: "Teacher's Pet" and "A Question of Ethics". I will be adding "Kelly and the Professor" soon, sorry bout that!

Sunday October 28

There was a news tidbit a few days ago, and I feel awful for not posting it sooner, it was today... (feel free to throw tomatoes at me!):

The Rescue Train. “Race for the Rescues.” Annual 5k run/walk raises money to benefit animal rescue and features Tiffani Amber Thiessen. The Rose Bowl, 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena. Racefortherescues.org. Sun at 8:30 a.m. Donations encouraged.

Wednesday October 24

We have one new video from SBTB The College Years: Dr. Kelly, enjoy!

Sunday October 07

We have more caps from SBTB: The College Years:

- Professor Zach
- Screech Love
- Dr. Kelly
- A Thanksgiving Story
- Teacher's Pet
- Kelly and the Professor

Plus - two clippings, Tiff out with Jason, Naomi and Brady and some SBTB: The College Years Promo scans.

I also added some "extras" I found from 90210, thought you guys might be interested :) Enjoy!

Monday October 01

I added some more SBTB: The College Years videos: "Homecoming" and "The Poker Game" - enjoy!

Sunday September 30

Jenn and I now have the results for the contest! Yes, the long-awaited results are here, and because I delayed it so long: I'm giving everyone a prize!

All who entered: Dave ("Pillage and Plunder"), Kelly ("Shades of Grey"), Number2 ("Beverly Hills Cop" & "Wonder Woman"), Ryan ("Chained Flowers"), Renee ("Losing Michael"), Tony ("Life Goes On") will be receiving emails from me shortly :)

And the first place winner is... Dave with "Pillage and Plunder"! With Tony's "Life Goes On" as the runner up! It was really tough deciding, as they were all just as good. Click here to read their stories. Thanks to all who participated!

Wednesday September 26

Hey guys! I added two videos from SBTB: The College Years from "Rush Week" - some funny scenes :) Enjoy!

Sunday September 23

2:02am I was browsing the Young Playwrights official site and saw an image of Tiffani and Brady. There's also a press release about the movie she was directing:

Title: "Brother's Don't Say It" by Chad Baker (18) Beavercreek, OH
Mentor: Mark Saltzman
Director: Tiffani Thiessen
After a tragic accident, two brothers at odds with the world, and each other, must work together as the sole heirs of their family estate deciding what to keep and what to let go of.


Thanks to the lovely Mycah for designing us a new gallery look. It's beautiful :)

We now have better caps to Model Students, thanks to Isabelle!

And thanks to both Thomas and Isabelle for sending over that article that I was missing!

Saturday September 22

I added 4 SBTB: The College Years videos: Theme Credits and clips from "Guess Who's Coming To College".

Friday September 21

We have more Saved by the Bell: The College Years episodes capped: Rush Week, Slater's War and The Homecoming.

Thursday September 20

8:56am We have some new polls, make sure you refresh the page for a new poll to the right >> View the poll archives here.


8:22am Also, a reminder: "What About Brian" the complete series, is coming to DVD this coming Tuesday (the 25th) - and it looks like there will be some DVD features, not sure if Tiff will be on there or not...


8:14am Did anybody happen to save this interview: Hallmark Pits Thiessen against a "Pandemic? I was a little late in adding it to the article archive, and now the link is not to be found, bummer!


I went a little icon-crazy-making and made 50 new icons! Plus, the icons section has been reorganized, hopefully decreasing the amount of load time :)

I'll be doing some small tweaks here and there this evening. Oh and the gallery is back, was down for a couple days, sorry bout that!

Monday September 17

Lots of caps today!

Thanks to Isabelle for capping Lost in Las Vegas, which we already had, but these are better quality!

I recapped Pandemic with nice quality DVD caps :D

Plus, I started capping "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" with: Guess Who's Coming to College? and Zach, Lies and Videotape.

Monday September 10

I got a smaller version of Fastlane's "Iced" video up, but I just can't seem to upload the large one, which is over 90mb. I'll try once more, otherwise I'll have to downsize it... - anyway, enjoy :)

Friday September 07

As promised, more Pandemic videos have been added! And I uploaded Fastlane's "Iced", but it's not working when I want to unzip, so I'll have to reupload. Hopefully tonight that'll be added!

Thursday September 06

We have tons more photos today, plus I did some reorganizing. Where to begin?

The photoshoot section was pretty unsorted, so I sorted them into categories: Sets and Rare Collections.

- Set #1 has one new pic (last one) and a few higher quality
- Set #3 better quality: 1, 2
- Set #4 two photos: 1, 2

- Compiled Set #8
- Compiled and added new photos in Set #9 (thanks Faith)
- Set's #10 - #15 have been added, you've probably seen them all before except this one, but now it's more organized.
- Unsorted section is now sorted by either clothing, her hair, etc.

Rare Collections
- Rare #1, new photos: 1, 2
- Rare #4, better quality: 1
- Tons of photos added in Rare #16 (thanks Faith!)


From Beverly Hills 90210
- Cast Photos (last uploads from Sept 07)
- Valerie Malone (last uploads from Sept 07)
- Press Kit

From Saved by the Bell
- Promos (photoshoots) - some pretty rare ones!
- I also deleted most of the Kelly Kapowski ones, most of them were horrible quality and duplicates

- Moved to the "She Fought Alone" album.
- Two from Christmas Shopping
- HQ Buried Secrets Stills (thanks Isabelle!).


So, it's a lot to take in and look at :) But you can always browse through the Last Uploads instead of going through each album from above. Enjoy!

Wednesday September 05

We have heaps of new photos! Starting with scans from Cine May 27 1993 and Platinum Jan/Feb 2001.

Two (I think) rare promos from She Fought Alone, lots more from the Vegas Grand Prix, Wish Night Awards Gala, two Shriek! stills courtesy of Isabelle, plus added those photos from the Young Playwrights Festival!

And lots from Pandemic: DVD Covers, HQ Promos (thanks Faith!), Bonus Feature - Discovering Pandemic, Bonus Feature - Interview and DVD Menus. Enjoy!

Monday August 20

I added two new videos from SBTB The College Years, thanks to Andy and Fastlane "Wet", thanks to Barbie. Enjoy!

Sunday August 19

Thanks to Anders for sending in a video off the Pandemic DVD - an interview in which Tiff talks about the movie, why she went with it, plus behind the scenes goodies!

We have new affiliates on Josh Duhamel, Creatures of the Night, Charmed, Jessica Biel, Ryan Carnes, Elijah Wood, Eva Mendes and Bruce Willis.

...Thanks to Faith for this! And the long awaited contest results coming soon - plus some Fastlane and SBTB: The College videos!

Sunday August 12

Goodness! It's nearly been a month since my last update, my apologies, but I hope you guys are all having a fun summer to not notice my horrible lack of updating :)

Anyway, thanks to Laura for sending in an amazing, music video - thanks Laura!

We have some Tiffani news! If you head over to Idaho Mountain Express, there is an article about Camp Rainbow Gold with a Tiffani news bit:

Another person who has become an integral part of the camp is actress Tiffani Thiessen. She was sort of an honorary counselor last year and became close to Adicoff, later hosting Sarah and her family at the American Idol show.

This year, Thiessen is the camp's recycling director, she said. And she's the writer, editor and publisher of the camp's newsletter, which features a king and queen for the day, photos, weather reports, daily gossip and the daily menus. She prints 10 copies for each cabin and a few extras to have around. Following her was a small film crew shooting segments for a syndicated TV show on celebrities and the charities they support.

Friday July 20

There are some new photos at the Blank Theatre Company Young Playwrights Festival, where Tiff is seen in a play, "The Mole" and directed a play, "Brother's Don't Say It".

Looks like the festival was a big success!

And the rumors circulating about Tiff being on "Grey's Anatomy" are still pretty unclear. One minute an article says it's not going to happen, and another is back saying she'll be on it. I'm awaiting on a more solid source on this, so for now, I'm not sure what's going on :/

Wednesday July 18

2:44am I made 17 new icons. Some of the pictures, from the icons, will be added soon in HQ!


10:40pm The forum has a new look, thanks to Frederick for the beautiful header :)


Hey guys! Thanks for holding, I'm all better now and ready to get back into the updating!

For starters, thanks to Renee, for the word: there are 2 NEW interviews up at Tiff's official site: Actor/Director/Activist and How Does She Do It. Both really an awesome read! Go now! :)

In there, you'll find out - Tiff's been super busy with her production company: "We have three feature films, five TV shows, two of them animated. Our plate is completely full. I just finished directing a play, called Brothers Don't Say It..." Go Tiff!

Also, the results for the contest are coming this week, I'm so sorry for the delay!

Thursday July 12

I am so sorry for not updating like I used to lately. I've been so sick lately, and I just kind of had a major operation, so I'll need some time to rest. But please, continue to visit the forum for the latest news!

Also, Tiffani and Brady's anniversary was this past Monday - congratulations to the couple and hope they have continued bliss :)!

Saturday June 30

RockyMountain News reports of "Fastlane" being one of the four greatest TV series that lasted just 1 season! Very cool :)

Also, the contest results will be determined soon!

Monday June 25

Sorry for the lack of updates guys!

We have 3 videos from Pandemic - great scenes, there's more coming soon!

Thanks to TiffaniBrady, from the forums, for word that the Peaches n' Cream Barbie Commercial is out on YouTube!

*Also - thiessenpictures.com will be down for a few days...I'm moving it again :( :( However; all the pictures are uploaded, so it shouldn't be long till everything is up again. Actually, this whole site will be moving over to fan-sites.org and will be hosted for free, less headaches! ;) Hope you understand...

Monday June 11

We have 600 caps from Pandemic - great movie :)

There's more information about the "What About Brian" complete series coming out on DVD. I've added the DVD cover here.

Enjoy guys! Video clips coming soon, thanks so much to Chaz for taping "Pandemic" for me to get you guys updates!

Monday June 04

I haven't received many entries for the contest. Perhaps you guys need some more time? I'll extend it a week or so > Thursday, June 14 will be the deadline, no submissions after that.

So come on guys! I'm giving away free DVDs - some are $20 values - so don't miss out ;)

Also, there's a new article with Tiff relating to her participating in the Blank Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival, to be held June 7-July 1.

I'm really not sure what Tiff will be doing there, but hopefully we'll find out more information soon!

Monday May 31

9:56pm Thanks to number2, from the forums, for this "Pandemic" movie advertisement for the DVD release!


Yay! Thanks to Anders for keeping me in the loop with what's going on:

Amazon has a pre-order already for "Pandemic" - which will be released on DVD August 14 for $13.99! The special features include behind the scenes footage and cast interviews.

What About Brian is also coming out on DVD September 25 for $41.99. Seeing as it says "the complete series", I'm sure they're selling both seasons 1 and 2!

Monday May 28

Hope you all enjoyed "Pandemic" - I know I did :) Updates, regarding that movie, coming later this week.

In case you missed "Pandemic", it'll be reairing:
> Friday, June 1 at 9pm on Hallmark
> Saturday, June 2 at 2pm on Hallmark

We have a handful of new affiliates on: Emily Blunt, Debra Messing, Pell James, Billie Piper, Natascha McElhone, Jennie Garth, Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue, Elisha Cuthbert, Cameron Diaz and Courteney Cox-Arquette!

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday May 26

Tonight is the night!! Check your local listings for > "Pandemic" at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel, and enjoy! :D

Thursday May 24

7:39pm New polls! View old ones here.


There's a new article out there on Tiff: Hallmark pits Thiessen against a ‘Pandemic’ - with a new picture of her as well!

The contest is up, so click here to read up on the details and see how you can win prizes! This time around, I tried getting people who like to design and people who like to write, involved.

Two more days till "Pandemic" airs, hope you're all excited! Remember it airs Saturday, May 26 at 8pm.

Wednesday May 23

Are you all ready for Pandemic?!? It's airing THIS Saturday, May 26 at 8pm on the Hallmark channel!

Thanks to Aaron, who brought back his Tiffani site ;), for word about this article: Tiffani fights 'Pandemic' in this new movie.

Plus, TVShowsonDVD reports that Saved by the Bell - Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas will be coming out on DVD in a double feature set! Meaning, 2 movies for the price of 1! Price is at $19.98 SRP and will release August 7. You can preorder this here.

Wednesday May 19

Looks like "What About Brian" won't be picked up for another season, says TV Series Finale. Good news, though, you can still watch full episodes at ABC!

Thanks to Austin Brooks for word on the Pandemic trailer being live on the Hallmark channel ...although I can't see it in their header...can anybody else?

The NZHerald has an article about Dean Johnson which has some discussions about Tiff! You can also learn a little bit more on Dean's start ;)

Wednesday May 16

Wow! Here's a news article that might interest all of you: Tiffani in talks to be on Grey's Anatomy. *crossing fingers*

Sunday May 13

I capped The Stranger Beside Me off the DVD! Great movie, you should all buy it - or wait until the contest to see if you can win it! ;)

Thanks to the lovely Isabelle for capping 90210's, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills from Season 5. She also sent in 2 Stranger Beside Me stills!

Saturday May 12

10:49pm Awww, check out some new photos of Tiff, Brady, Jason and Naomi at Italian restaurant, Madeo, in Beverly Hills on Friday.


Lots of photos added today!

Thanks to Robert for sending in Just Shoot Me's, Finch Judging Amy caps!

Thanks to Isabelle for capping 90210's: Alone at the Top, Love Hurts, Stormy Weather and redoing Squash It for us!

I added a lot of photos that were missing from the gallery, starting with the Entourage premiere, Wallpapers, AMA's - 2002, AMA's - 2001, Hollywood Ending Portraits.

Of course, you can always page through the last uploads to see everything.

MovieWeb has an article about Pandemic here. I believe that's everything, enjoy!

Thursday May 10

Lydia made a site for Tiffani to promote her cursors and MySpace contact tables, click here to check it out and start downloading :)

Sunday May 06

Hallmark channel aired a preview for Tiffani's new mini series, "Pandemic".

Part #1: begins Saturday, May 26 at 8:00pm
Part #2: Sunday, May 27 at 6:00pm

You can see here as well as a new photo of Tiff from the series! Thanks to Barb for the word!

Saturday May 05

We have 37 new icons!

Friday May 04

Two more days of classes, then I'm free! I want to get the layout up too, soon - I keep getting busy and putting it off lol. Thanks to everyone for sticking around :)

Anyway, thanks to Isabelle for sending in caps from 90210's, Little Monsters and You Gotta Have Heart.

"The Stranger Beside Me" is out on DVD! You can purchase it on Amazon. The second season of Beverly Hills 90210 is out on DVD too.

There's a new look at the forum with some new posts, you should come check it out :)

Lydia, from the forums, posted a handful of Tiffani computer cursors, very cool! Read the instructions here.

We have new affiliates on Rose McGowan, Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale, Shiri Appleby, Stephen Colletti, Vera Farmiga, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Carpenter, Bryan Greenberg and Kellan Lutz.

And the contest is coming. It's all made up, I'm just getting Jenn to revise it since she will be helping me judge the contest!

Wednesday April 25

Just wanted to let you guys know the contest is coming this week... last week was probably the most busiest week in my life! lol! So, this week the contest is definitely coming!

By the way, a friend of mine is selling clippings on ebay for a pretty cheap price!

Saturday April 14

Thanks to Isabelle for redoing 2 90210 episodes: Intervention and The Dreams of Dylan McKay. She also sent in stills from What About Calling All Friends (the first 5 stills).

We have more pics from the Vegas Grand Prix!

Glad to know Tiffani knows What A Mullet is ;) Thanks to Jeed for spotting that. Here's caps.

Thanks to Momi for sending in a video that previews Tiffani on "Blossom".

Plus, I made caps from that TV Guide interview.

*There will be a new contest coming in the next few days. Stay tuned for more info :)

You can go here to check out the results on saving What About Brian. Details will be announced whenever news on this show returning comes out.

Thursday April 12

There's a new video interview out there with Tiffani at TVGuide.com - it should be on the right side, and say "Videos - Tiffani Thiessen (1 total Videos)", just click on the play.

Sunday April 08

Happy Easter everyone! :)

Friday April 06

Yesterday, Tiffani was in Vegas at the Grand Prix with Jason, both looking classy.

Thanks to Isabelle for capping 90210's Homecoming - and wow, check out those beautiful quality caps? Have to be the best in the 90210 gallery! :P

Tuesday April 03

I added two 90210 videos from: "Crimes and Misdemeanors" and "Cupid's Arrow" - really good episodes there!

Sunday April 01

A big picture update today!

First and foremost, caps from What About Brian's: What About Secret Lovers (more soon, thanks Aaron!), What About All That Glitters, What About Calling All Friends, plus a promo (thanks to Isabelle!).

Caps from Season 8 of 90210: Crimes and Misdemeanors, Cupid's Arrow, Law and Disorder and The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

I capped that Daily 10 video from the other day; We have two more All Star Party photos!

Thanks to Denise for sending in 5 clippings!

We have some great rare photos of Tiffani back in 1993-1994. Check her out at the Rock N Jock Basketball game and NBC TCA (with Mark-Paul!).

I believe that's everything... Talk about an update long overdue, huh? Enjoy!

Friday March 30

Tiffani answered another roundful of questions this month :) You can read her answers here.

Wednesday March 28

Videos from the last episode of the season finale are up, thanks always to Aaron.

Plus, thanks to Chaz, we have footage from when Tiffani was on the Daily 10 a few nights ago, just before WAB aired its season finale.

And when I say "season finale", doesn't mean the show is over, but it looks like it (according to tv.com post / tvtracker / zap2it)... There is an online poll in which you can vote for a show to possibly get renewed. So vote now, if you want to help and save this show! :)

Sunday March 25

We have 15 videos added today, whew, thanks to both Barbie and Aaron for sending in the videos :)

Videos added are from the last episode of "What About Brian", NewsRadio's "Assistant" which we already had, but these videos are much higher quality, and more Fastlane videos!

Saturday March 24

Thanks to Jeed for spotting these links where you can purchase clothing worn by Tiffani on "What About Brian:

shoes / shoes2 / pants

Caps and videos coming soon :)

Wednesday March 21

Thanks to number2 from the forums for word on "The Stranger Beside Me" coming to DVD May 8 2007! You can see the advertisement here.

Tuesday March 20

What did you all think of What About Brian last night? The season finale looks really good! You should all tune in next week.

There's a new...article (sort of), about fans who sent embarressing letters to celebrities! Click here to read one about Tiff!

Monday March 19

There's a new article on Tiffani: Tiffany vamp: Thiessen is very good playing the bad girl on ‘What About Brian’, in which the exective producer comments about her, she talks about how the business is constantly changing, and there's a surprise when she tells us what's in the works for her in the future! ;)

Saturday March 17

There's been a little mix-up with the WAB videos, the first video was from Glitters while the rest weren't. Check them now, they should be correct! :)

Friday March 16

Thanks to Jeed for making us caps of when Tiffani was in "Cupid"! Jeed also made a video for us, now on YouTube.

Thursday March 15

We have 9 new videos for you all! Thanks to Aaron for four from "What About All That Glitters". I'll try to get caps for you guys soon on that episode.

Plus, thanks to Barbie, we have five videos from "Fastlane".

Here's a link that has SBTB's "10 Classic Moments" you can watch on video!

Sunday March 11

If you guys find yourselves wanting bigger clips from "What About Brian" - check out Aaron's site with hi-res clips!

Saturday March 10

We now have videos and caps from "What About Strange Bedfellows" thanks to Aaron!

My apologies for not updating quick this week and next week will probably be the same since I'll be going out of town again, but the following weeks should be fine :) As always, keep checking the forum for the latest news while I'm away.

Thursday March 08

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating - was out of town the last few days, just got in now. I got quite a few emails from people sending in goodies from WAB! Will be getting those updates to you (hopefully) today.

Thanks to TiffaniBrady at the forums for sending me this link which lets us know the exact date "Pandemic" will be airing this summer: Saturday, May 26 (9 p.m., ET/PT).

Tuesday February 27

10:44pm There's a snippet of Tiffani in this article:

"As an actress you're trained to control you emotions, but with Camp Rainbow Gold there's no way you can," Thiessen-Smith said.


I added those two What About Brian videos (#2 and #3) in Windows Media Player!

We also have 3 Fastlane videos thanks to Barbie, which are really great quality!

But let me know if you guys find these too big to download. Not sure if some of you are on 56k because it'll probably take awhile to download :/. Enjoy!

Saturday February 24

9:47pm More caps from WAB thanks to Jeed!


My apologies - I updated a few days ago, but didn't post about it. Basically, I half updated and got busy - so anyway! Big update today!

I added videos to "What About Temptations". I'm debating whether or not I'll add all videos to each episode... Thanks so much to both Aaron (for the Divx videos) and Johann (for the windows media player) clips. Note: two clips from WMP aren't downloadable yet, I'll add those tomorrow!

We now have the short snippet video of Tiffani in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars", thanks to cristoune57 at the forums :) As well as caps!

We also have some great high quality caps from What About Temptations (thanks to Aaron; more caps coming soon).

There's a great site called I Love You More Than Anyone to feast your eyes and ears on. They have clips of 90210 specials that are pretty rare!

Tons coming ahead!

Wednesday February 21

Tiffani was on E! News Monday night. We have caps thanks to Jeed :)

The ratings for "What About Brian" increased a little bit since Monday night, but the show still isn't doing too good so I'd advise you tell your friends - even fish (okay, not the fish) about the show so they can tune in and watch!

Look out tomorrow for some goodies on WAB! :)

Tuesday February 20

"The Day of Cardiovascular Health" event is coming this Feb 24th and Tiffani might get interviewed for it! You can check out the article here.

Monday February 19

Tonight's the night! (or for some of you it already began =)

There's a new interview with Tiff on TvGuide.com: Tiffani Thiessen Sexes Up ABC's Brian. It's pretty good - Tiff talks about her character on the show, what's coming up for her in the future.

For anybody who's curious about the progress of the 90210 DVD's: Season 2 will be releasing May 1 2007! You can see the details here.

There's a page now on the official site for What About Brian - Tiffani's page, check it out!

Sunday February 18

We have caps from NewsRadio's "Assistant" and MTV Live!

Saturday February 17

Wow, only 2 more days till Tiff on "What About Brian" - soo excited!

I updated the specials section with the previous birthday videos! We have one new affiliate on Sienna Miller.

In the videos section, I also added a help page, in case anyone runs into any troubles! Plus - we have caps to Jason Priestley's Biography, thanks to Aaron! I'll be updating later on with some more caps!

Monday February 12

Doesn't seem like there was much coverage on her attending the Dari Boutique. If anyone has found anything, please contact me.

I added a video from NewsRadio "Assistant", thanks to Chaz!

One more week guys, until Tiffani's first episode on "What About Brian"! :)

Thursday February 08

Tiffani's going to be attending the "Dari Boutique to Launch New Website at Its Valentine Trunk Show" this Sunday (feb 11)! You can find more information about the event here.

Wednesday January 31

More great news! As you can see to the right, we have information about Tiffani's upcoming episode, which has been switched to the 19th of February.

Thanks to Isabelle for sending in photos from "What About Temptations"! I hope you are all as excited as I am! Enjoy :)


Note: The gallery is not done, I still have about 30 images to add plus caps from Jason Priestley's Biography. Plus, I have to add the image credits as well as information for the events she attended.

Unfortunately, I lost all credits to the wallpapers section - if you did one or a few, please let me know which ones and where you'd like me to credit you. Thank you!


Sunday January 28

Great News! Thanks to Isabelle for getting us lots of Pandemic stills, plus the movie poster and two promos!!

She also found out from a press release that Pandemic is premiering May 2007 on the Hallmark channel!! Thanks again Isabelle :)

I also added some other images to the gallery: scans, Hollywood Parade, Summer Blast Party (with the SBTB cast!), and three photoshoots that are a little better quality than the ones we have. Enjoy!

Wednesday January 24

I got the video for you all :) Click here to download and watch it. Thanks to all who participated!

Tuesday January 23

Tiffani turned 33 today! There will be a video (which I'm uploading now, it'll be awhile unfortunately). So come back later tonight!

Tiffani is featured on the front page of Imdb.com under birthdays! Happy Birthday to her :)

Monday January 22

Thanks to TiffaniBrady from the forums for finding this link with a quote of Tiffani from the Diamond event!

Also, another great photo from the All Star Party.

Sunday January 21

Before I forgot, I added the Jason Priestley Biography into the videos section - and it's also easily downloadable under gotmedia.org!

Saturday January 20

Birthday wish submission form closed, thanks for the submitting guys!

Thursday January 18

We have a new video thanks to Mariana from E! News Live, it aired last night, a very short clip of her telling E! News that her first episode on "What About Brian" airs February 12th! Thanks again Mariana :)

Also, wish submissions for Tiffani's birthday will be closed this coming Saturday night at 12pm EST - I need about two days to work on the video. So get those submissions in!

Tuesday January 16

9:17pm Added one 90210 video from "The Elephant's Father".

Plus we have new affiliates on: Shakira, Johnny Knoxville, Richard Abidin Breen, Natalie Portman and Emily Browning. That's all for today :)


8:51pm I did some updating around here! I updated the filmography with links to Pandemic, What About Brian, Stroller Wars and Just Pray.

Plus, I updated the biography both here and here. More updates will follow!


We have two news bits circulating in the news today...

One, an article commenting how awesome Tiff looked at the All Star Party: "A jaw dropper was Tiffani Thiessen, who’ll always be Tiffani Amber Thiessen to us. All we can say is that Zach Morris was one lucky guy and would still be today." (http)

It looks like Tiffani joined the Honorary Celebrity Board for "Day of Dance for Cardiovascular Health", which supports heart disease prevention!

The events are fun and informational, taking place February 24. They're basically to encourage women on a local level to take action to help prevent the chance of developing heart disease or having a stroke. For further information on this, check out the article or the official site!

Monday January 15

Today, Tiffani and Brady attended the Disney - ABC Television Group "All Star Party" (thanks to Anders for the heads up!). Loving the hair :)

And..we have more pictures from Tiff at the Diamond event. Plus 2 90210 videos from "Comic Relief" and "Ready Or Not".

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Saturday January 13

I was going to add a new video, but that video isn't opening right - so that will be added tomorrow - sorry! But I did add a new picture from the Diamond event.

Friday January 12

We have two new videos from 90210: "The Right Thing". Enjoy!

Thursday January 11

Today, Tiffani was seen at the Diamond Information Center and InStyle Host 6th Annual Awards lookin' super cute!

Sunday January 07

Tiffani answered a round of 3 questions this round! Click here to find out if yours was answered and/or read her answers :)

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Friday January 05

1:20am I've added a new 90210 video: "Friends In Deed". Enjoy!


Tiffani's 33rd birthday is coming up..and we need your submissions to send to her ;) I'm creating a music video type (like last year) but a little jazzed up. Please click here to send a birthday wish!

Thursday January 04

NEWS! We have some really great news, thanks to Aaron for pointing this out!

Tiffani's cast in "What About Brian" as a REGULAR! Tiffani will play Natasha Dylan a former intern of Dave's (Rick Gomez) who becomes his new boss at KC Gaming.

You can read more about this news here. No word on the date she will start.

Talk about this in the forum! Also, I wanted to thank Glamour Reese Witherspoon for making RAVE site of the month! ;) Thanks girls!