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August 30 2011


White Collar Renewed for Season 4!

August 30 2011

USA Network has officially renewed White Collar for a fourth season. Season 4 will include 16 new episodes.

White Collar has achieved its best season ever this summer averaging 5.7 million total viewers. The second part of season 3 of White Collar will return in January 2012 with six all-new episodes. (Daemon's TV)


New photos: Clippings, Out and About, More!

August 30 2011

New photos thanks to number2 for the out and about's, Fred for the magazine cover and French article, Lorna for the Mark-Paul and Tiffani magazine scan, and Renee for the last one!

The Women of White Collar Greet Fans on the NYC Set

August 30 2011

Fans with Tiffani on the set

Two of our readers, Yuki and Hanah, stopped by the set of White Collar in Manhattan on Friday and though they missed out on seeing the show's two male stars, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, they did meet three of the cast's leading ladies, Hilarie Burton, Tiffani Thiessen, and Diahann Carroll!

Here's what they told us, "By the time we got [to the set], Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay were gone but we did get to see a few of the actresses! They were all soo nice and more than willing to take photos with us. Thanks On Location Vacations for helping us see them! Also, the crew is incredibly nice and pointed us to the makeup trailer where Hilarie Burton and Tiffani Thiessen were getting ready!" (On Location Vacations)

Tiffani Says No to Dancing With The Stars

August 30 2011

Still not convinced she's not signing up? Tiffani tells you in a video: (Blip.TV)

...but she may do it when she turns 50!

Stars Support Kiehl's LifeRide for amfAR

August 30 2011

"Saved by the Bell" alums Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen and many other actors gathered to celebrate the finale of Kiehl's LifeRide for amfAR in New York City. Over 160 motorcyclists completed the seven-day bike ride through the Northeast to raise awareness for amfAR. (Extra)

Check out amfAR's after party (Tiffani comes in at 1:20)!

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Tiffani Talks Season 3 of White Collar (Older)

August 30 2011

This is a bit older, I didn't see it till now! (TV Guide)

Contest winners announced!

August 30 2011

Time to announce the winners of the "How has Tiffani affected your life" contest. Unfortunately, there were only 3 people who participated, which could be my fault for not promoting it well enough. Still, it was VERY tough deciding, so I got my two buds, Mandy and Dora to help out!

Read the Entries

Who Won?

Technically, all three of you are winners just for participating so expect an email asking which prize you would like! But, if you'd really like to know, here is the order of which we voted:

  1. Renee
  2. Jean-Francois BERGMANS
  3. Ryan Quiambao

I'm glad that Tiffani had a big impact on you and I hope one day you will be able to meet her!

Video Screencaps, Press Archive Updated, New Polls

August 15 2011

Last update for today, wanted to get things a little more up to date:

Video Screencaps

Press Archive

The 2011 Press has been updated with all the latest articles that have been happening!

New Polls

To the right, we have 3 new polls:

  • Who wore the t-shirt better?
  • Do you think Elizabeth has a dark past?
  • Harper looks more like her...

Check out the results from the old polls.

9 Videos To Download

August 15 2011

We have 9 new videos for you to download and watch:


Sega Star Kids Challenge
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The Stranger Beside Me: Clip 4
Players: All
Notes: video thanks to Fred; there are a bunch of scenes from this movie; 34.5mb / 01:46min.
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Tiffani Juggles Being A Mom
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Tiffani Steals My Job As Director
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Tiffani Talks TV and Justin Beiber
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Talk Shows

Tiffani on the Rachel Ray show
December 22, 2010

Players: All
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Tiffani on Watch What Happens Live with Matt Bomer - High Quality
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Tiffani on Watch What Happens Live with Matt Bomer - Low Quality
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We have some more rare treats for you, does anybody recall a tv show with Tiffani, David Lipper, and Hilary Swank called, "Reality Check"? Coming soon!

3 Articles from the 90's

August 15 2011

We have 3 new OLD articles added back from 1994 and 1996!

I did add the images to these last week, but now there's transcriptions of the text here, no more squinting!

Tiffani Clears Up "Dancing with the Stars" Rumors

August 15 2011

No 'Dancing with the Stars' for TiffaniTons of news articles have been reporting that Tiffani will be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars", but they are wrong. At times at like this, we're glad Tiffani has a Twitter to clear things up!

"Even though I'm a good dancer... I am NOT going on #DWTS."
August 12, 2011

Don't forget to keep checking out Tiffani's Twitter, she's always posting something cool on there!

Final Destination 5 Cast Does "Saved by the Bell" Spoof

August 15 2011

Hahahha! Thanks to number2 for letting us know about this video:

Jessica Seinfeld Urges Moms to Help Moms!

August 15 2011

Fast forward to Tiffani talking at 0:54 (thanks Renee!; Yahoo!):

White Collar: How About That Cliffhanger?! We Hit the Set to Find Out What's Next

August 15 2011

Tiffani Thiessen White Collar CliffhangerHoly cliffhanger batman!

If you didn't see last night's White Collar midseason finale, we'll give you fair warning and let you back out slowly. Still here for the scoop? Excellent, because we just hit the White Collar set to talk to the stars about the crazy big thing that went down, and they told us what's coming up when the show returns.

Can Peter and Neal's relationship ever recover from this tragedy? Jump inside to find out!

Last night's episode ended in all the best and worst ways. Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen) has been kidnapped by Neal Caffrey's (Matt Bomer) archnemesis, Matthew Keller (Ross McCall). Kidnapped! And worst of all, we are forced to wait months for resolution.

Fortunately for you, we caught up with Thiessen, Tim Dekay and Hilarie Burton on the set of White Collar and asked all about the shocking abduction. What can we expect when the series returns? Check out our exclusive video interviews below: (E! Online)

White Collar Trouble Video

Justin Beiber on White Collar?

August 15 2011

Actress Tiffani Thiessen and the cast of White Collar head into the summer finale on August 9 at 9pm on USA Network with the episode "Countdown," in which Neal and Mozzie have their own agenda with stolen treasure worth millions. Although Tiffani Thiessen's White Collar character, Elizabeth, has words of wisdom for her husband Peter, Neal and Mozzie appear to be working with the FBI while in possession of the treasure.

[White Collar] Ahead of the Season 3 summer finale of White Collar, TheDeadbolt spent a few minutes with Tiffani Thiessen to get the scoop on the latest with Elizabeth, how she contributes to the White Collar investigations of her on screen husband, and whether Tiffani thinks that Justin Bieber will make an appearance on White Collar given her recent T-shirt exchange with the young Bieber. (The Deadbolt)


THE DEADBOLT: Where does Elizabeth stand on the latest developments in the relationship between Neal and Peter?

TIFFANI THIESSEN: I always try to think that she really tries to stay right in the middle. I mean, of course her first priority, and she always stands by her husband, I've always thought that Elizabeth really kind of has a soft spot for Neal and sees the good in Neal probably more often than Peter's character does.

The questions that are surrounding the whole scenario with the treasure, I think she's kind of in question, as well and you'll see in the episode in the finale. I love as those questions get answered that some new drama unfolds with it.

THE DEADBOLT: Although Elizabeth isn't part of the FBI or a professional con artist herself, what is it about her character that allows her to contribute to certain investigations that help Peter and Neal?

[White Collar] THIESSEN: Well, I've always said that Elizabeth kind of is the voice of reason. She's got a woman's intuition that I say plays greatly into the show. She is definitely kind of the middle person between Peter and Neal at times when they are butting heads. So I definitely believe that she kind of helps bridge the gap at times between the two of them.

THE DEADBOLT: After the Justin Bieber t-shirt thing, has there been any talk of getting him to guest star on the show?

THIESSEN: [laughs] You know, there actually hasn't been any talk. But actually, he would be a great. I think he'd be great on the show. We'd love to have him I'm sure. I can't imagine we would say no.

THE DEADBOLT: I thought he did great on CSI. So, why not?

THIESSEN: Why not? We'll have to bring it up to the USA and White Collar peeps. I will. Thanks for the idea.

Tune In Tonight: White Collar Set Visit, Fox Dish Nation

August 9 2011

Tiffani via Twitter, just reported that she will be on these programs tonight:

  • 7:00pm ET/PT: White Collar Set Visit on E! News
  • 6:30pm PT: Fox Dish Nation: KTTV Fox 11
  • 6:00pm ET: WWOR MY 9

Hopefully, I worded that all correct. Here's what she directly said, but it didn't seem clear:

TUNE-IN TONIGHT! White Collar Set Visit on E! News 7:00pm ET/PT & FOX DISH NATION: KTTV FOX 11 @ 6:30pm PT / WWOR MY 9 @ 6:00pm ET

... Can anybody get these on video for us? I'll be fishing around on YouTube afterwards to see if I can put it up on the site.

Photo Update: Events, Out & About, Clippings

August 9 2011

Thanks to number2 for the high qualities!

Tiffani Talks Season Finale (video)

August 9 2011

Being married to an FBI agent, you're bound to pick up a thing or two; for White Collar's Elizabeth, that's especially true.

"She actually cracks a case on her own," Tiffani Thiessen tells TVGuide.com. "I think after being married for over 10 years to her FBI agent/husband [Peter] she gets pretty smart at it."

On Tuesday's summer finale (9/8c, USA), Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) try to stay one step ahead of the FBI during an investigation into a treasure cache. Thiessen teases, "We have another very big [cliff-hanger] - it has to do a lot with me!"

In the interview below, Thiessen shares her thoughts about the relationship between Elizabeth and Neal and tells us about how her co-stars often break into song on the set. Plus: Who did Thiessen have more fun playing - Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski or Beverly Hills, 90210's Valerie Malone? (Seattlepi.com)

Tiffani Reveals Season Finale Spoilers

August 9 2011

Cast of White Collar Season 3If an actor is lucky, they'll have one adored and long-running show on their resume. If an actor is really lucky, they'll have two. But thanks to her role on the slick and sexy White Collar, Tiffani Thiessen now has three hit series' to her name! And, perhaps, in the truest test of the show's staying power, fans are now approaching her about Elizabeth Burke as frequently as they do about Kelly Kapowski or Valerie Malone!

Tonight serves up the White Collar summer finale — an episode that Thiessen teases will leave fans (and her character!) dangling from a precarious precipice as the show's biggest cliffhanger lies in wait!

ETonline: White Collar has really injected Elizabeth into the action this year — how exciting has that been for you?

Tiffani Thiessen: It's been fantastic. I wasn't able to do a lot last season [Thiessen was pregnant with daughter Harper Renn Smith, born on June 15, 2010], so as wonderful as 2010 was for me personally, it was a little hard with the show. So it's been really fun to come back this season and have Elizabeth involved with a lot of fun stuff again. I'm really a part of the show now, which is how it was always meant to be. (ET Online)


ET: But your character isn't the only one finally living up to her potential, I feel like the show is truly firing on all cylinders this season.

Thiessen: I agree. It's really exciting. I think, as an actor, everyone strives to, first, get a job. Then get a job you enjoy. And lastly, you want to get a job which will last. It's three separate things, so the fact we have all three of those with White Collar is amazing. And let me tell you, I love working with this cast, which is not always the case. I've been doing this for almost 30 years and it's a definite gem.

ET: Is it strange to say "I've been doing this for almost 30 years?"

Thiessen: Yes! Because I don't feel old enough to say that. [laughs] I started acting when I was 8-years-old, and I'll be 38 next year, so it's crazy to have been in this crazy business for 30 years and still be making my living at it! That's something to be proud of. But the fact I'm enjoying it still is even more exciting.

ET: Not only to be working for 30 years, but to be a part of three signature shows must make it even sweeter.

Thiessen: It's nice. Most people talk about Saved By The Bell and 90210, but when fans start talking to me about another project, that's when I know it's really connecting. And that's starting to happen with White Collar, which is the most exciting.

ET: Tonight is the big season finale, what can you tease about the inevitable cliffhanger?

Thiessen: Something big happens to Elizabeth tonight, I haven't seen the finale yet, but our creator Jeff Eastin says it's the best episode we've done in three years and the biggest cliffhanger yet.

ET: As a loyal watcher, that gives me Keller concerns...

Thiessen: [laughs] I know, I know. You're just gonna have to wait and see. It's crazy. But Keller is very dangerous. . . which is why we've kept him around. He's dirty. He's especially dirty tonight. You'll see. He's not a nice man!

ET: Looking ahead to the new season, starting January 2012, what can you reveal?

Thiessen: You'll definitely come back with some answers, and conclusions with the cliffhanger that happens tonight. It's a very big episode. You'll see a lot of me, because I kind of end the episode tonight. It's crazy! Crazy! After that, you'll see Elizabeth solving her own case! I become suspicious of our new neighbors and open up this case on my own. I end up getting them arrested. It's a really fun episode, where I do a lot with Matt [Bomer] and Willie [Garson]. People have really been responding to the Elizabeth/Mozzie dynamic, so they've been writing more and more for us, so you'll see a lot of that next season.

White Collar's season finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on USA

Tiffani attends Kiehl's LifeRide For amfAR Block Party

August 6 2011

Tiffani with Mark-Paul GosselaarToday, Tiffani attended the Kiehl's LifeRide For amfAR Block Party with Mark-Paul Gosselaar! We have 21 photos of this event including HQ's from number2:

You can find out more information about the event here.


Tiffani Thiessen on Elizabeth's "Soft Spot" for Neal and the White Collar Season Finale

August 6 2011

Tiffani spills on White Collar

Sure, we're happy Tiffani Thiessen gave birth to a beautiful baby last year. But even more so because that means we're finally seeing lots more of her this season on White Collar, instead of missing out on Elizabeth due to Thiessen's pregnancy. "You'll definitely see more of me," she tells us happily.

Not only is she back this season, but Thiessen revealed that she's back in a big way. "There's a huge cliffhanger at the end of this season that I'm definitely involved with," Thiessen teases. "Something very big happens to me, so you'll have to watch and see."

Watch our full interview with her above, and get scoop on Neal (Matt Bomer) and Elizabeth's future, plus her choice for a dream guest star. (E! Online)

And, Fifi Awards Video

Didn't know where to put this, but here's a video with Tiffani at the Fifi Awards.

Tiffani Thiessen's dramatic "White Collar" kidnapping scene

August 6 2011

Tiffani kidnapping scene from White Collar

Tiffani Thiessen and Tom Degnan are spotted filming a dramatic kidnapping scene for the USA series White Collar in New York yesterday (July 28). Whoa — I know it's for TV, but that is still one scary picture.

Also spotted on set was Marsha Thomason and Sharif Atkins — check out the pics in the gallery. And don't miss the White Collar page for more pics from set.

Tiffani told USA Today earlier this month that she's fine with not being the main focus of the show: "I'm totally OK with its not being my show. It's Matt [Bomer] and Tim [Dekay]'s show. I have a young daughter. I don't mind not working 17-hour days." (Caught On Set)

On set of White Collar - Kidnapping scene

White Collar Q&A: The Scoop From Mrs. Suit

August 6 2011

Matt Bomer with Tiffani ThiessenWith the much anticipated White Collar summer finale next Tuesday, the always lovely, Tiffani Thiessen gave us some scoop about her character and all things White Collar. See what she had to say about her almost 30-year career in showbiz, a possible guest spot for Justin Bieber, and "Elizabeth Burke getting her groove on."

Is Tiffani similar to Elizabeth?

"It was kind of the first role that spoke to me in a personal way because I think she is very close to my true self where the other characters that I've played in the past are very different from myself."

Working on White Collar:

"It's one of the most fun shows I've ever been on and worked on. I've been doing this for almost thirty years, which is a long time and I've done a lot of different shows and a lot of different projects but this is one project that I say that I really enjoy. I enjoy working with the people I'm working with. And I haven't been able to say that about every job that I've had." (Poptimal.com)


On Working with her Co-Stars:

"It's always fun to work with the other actors on the show. I love working with Willie [Garson]. It's always fun to work with Matt [Bomer]. I don't always get to work with Matt all the time. Even Sharif [Atkins] every now and then, which is fun. Marsha [Thomason] is really the only one I haven't gotten to work with yet and Hilarie [Burton] now that she is part of the show. So those are two girls I'd love to work with a little bit more. Hopefully, maybe next season."

On her husband Brady Smith's recent guest spot:

"Sadly, I didn't get to have one scene with him. It was great to have him as a part of the show for the episode. He really did have a blast and loved working with everybody. The one person he didn't get to work with was his wife."

A favorite scene with Tim DeKay?

"There's a scene you guys haven't seen yet. It's one of the last scenes in an episode in January or February, you kind of see the sexy side of Elizabeth and Peter, which you don't see often in our relationship. It was actually kind of fun."

Elizabeth in future seasons:

"We've started to see a little bit of it and you will see more of it in January. But I do love that they are starting to pull her back into the art world again, which is kind of where she started and where she met her husband. So I'd like to kind of see that go a little bit more, which would be fun and would help get me involved possibly with other characters in the show."

Stunts for Elizabeth?

"Yes, you see me do a few things [in an episode after the hiatus] . You won't see me jumping off bridges or things like that. But Elizabeth Burke gets her groove on in that sense."

On the White Collar opening credits:

"I was surprised because I didn't realize a lot of people were so invested in the opening credits but I have to agree. I wasn't crazy at all about the new credits. I was actually kind of disappointed because I liked the old ones better. So I was really happy to see that the fans spoke and got what they wanted."

Bieber on White Collar?

Recently, Justin Bieber wore a t-shirt of Tiffani's Saved By the Bell character, Kelly Kapowski to a music awards show and Tiffani responded by wearing a Bieber shirt to a movie premiere. So what did Tiffani have to say about a potential guest spot? "No talk about it but I think he'd be great on the show. We'd love to have him. Have to bring it up to the USA and White Collar people."

Would Elizabeth make a better FBI Agent or Con Artist?

"Well, I always believe that women are better actors than men in real life because I think we have an edge over men sometimes. So, that's hard to say but at the same time she's been married to an FBI agent for over ten years so she kind of knows that world really really really well. I would say probably a better FBI agent. Only because she is extremely close to her husband not that she couldn't be a good conman too."

Tiffani teases Elizabeth's role in the season finale & beyond. . .

"You see me in the season finale. Something very big happens in the season finale. I hope you guys will like it. It's definitely one of our better episodes. It's pretty exciting. Then you definitely see it unfold more of course next January when we come back. I'm very much involved in that as well as another episode that comes back after that. It's an episode where I kind of come up with a case on my own and crack it. You'll definitely see a lot more of Elizabeth which is quite fun." Looking forward to it Mrs. Suit!

Collars, make sure you tune into USA Network next Tuesday at 9PM ET to see what happens to Elizabeth on White Collar's summer season finale!

White Collar Interview

August 6 2011

Tim Dekay and Tiffani ThiessenWell the interview was today with Tiffani Thiessen and it was a busy conference call but once again we managed to get a few of our questions answered. It was a really good interview, Tiffani was brilliant and really warm and welcoming to everyone in the call and it came across how much she loves the show and the people she works with.

Below you can find some of the highlights of the interview (some questions had very similar answers so I've combined them). You can find Tiffani on Twitter as @TAThiessen

There are some spoilers included in the interview regarding the shows return in January, her involvement and her thoughts on the mid-season finale. Watch out for my review of the mid-season finale in the next few days.

Twitter: @cjsonic
Email: cjsonic@spoilertv.com

Apoliges if there are typos & spelling mistakes I quickly typed this out while listening to the interview a few hours ago.

Where does Elizabeth stand on the developments on the relationship between Neal and Peter?

I like to try and think that she tries to stay in the middle. Of course her first priority is her husband, I've always thought she has a soft spot for Neal and can see the good in him, probably more than Peter's character does. The questions that are surrounding the whole scenario with the treasure, you'll see in the mid-season finale. A lot of those questions will get answered and new drama unfolds with it. (Spoiler TV)


What is it about Elizabeth's character that contributes to Peter and Neal's investigation?

I've always thought that she is the voice of reason and that plays greatly into the show. She is definitely the middle person between Peter and Neal at times when they are butting heads, she definitely bridges the gaps.

What was it like to work with your husband?

It was great but sadly I did not get to work in any scene's with him but it was great to have him as part of the show, he had a blast. He knew all of the cast ahead of schedule so it was a comfortable for him.

Did he enjoy playing the bad guy?

We got a lot of feedback from friends and family on how great of a bad guy he was because he is such the nicest guy in real life.He loved playing a character that was totally opposite to himself. He enjoyed working with the cast that he knows so well with him being my husband.

What has been your favourite scene to shoot with Tim DeKay(Peter)?

That's hard. There is a scene that you have not seen yet and it is one of the last scene's in an episode in January/February where you get to see the sexy side of Peter and Elizabeth. You don't get to see this side of their relationship which was quite fun.

What do you think that Peter brings to Elizabeth to keep her in the relationship with him working so much?

They have a relationship that's very understood, she knew what she was getting into from the start. They are both career driven people, and their careers are both important to each other. They are very much best friends and can turn to each other when they need it. There is a lot of understanding between them.

Where would you like to see Elizabeth develop next season?

You have already started to see some of it so far this season and more so in January when we come back. I love how they are pulling her back into the art world and working with her husband.

What originally attracted you to the role?

There were a few things. The writing was really strong, the characters were relatable,the show was fun. It's the kind of TV and storytelling I like to watch myself. It was the first role that spoke to me in a personal way because I think she is very close to my true self compared to past roles. I also loved the relationship (Peter and Elizabeth) on TV that works compared to other shows.

What have you learned about yourself since joining White Collar?

Well I've learned, especially the past year, I can still have 4am call times and not have any sleep after having a child. My body has been put through a lot as well as my head. It has been one of the funnest shows I've ever worked on in 30 years. This is one project I can say I really enjoy going to work.

How does it feel to have played 3 different iconic roles in your career (saved by the bell, 90210 and White Collar)?

They are all extremely different, its great. It's an actors dream to play different roles all the time. Being able to play different roles helps me to fulfil the creativity I constantly strive for in this business.

Usually your character is not involved in the main story, however in a recent episode Elizabeth takes on an integral part. What was that like, will it happen more in future episodes?

Like Willie Garson we are more supporting characters on the show. In the episodes coming up I take more of a central role and in one episode I come up with a case and solve it which was a really fun episode to shoot. The episode you mentioned was a really fun episode, I love being in the episodes a bit more.

Are you going to get into any stunts in the future?

Yes, in the episode I just mentioned. Elizabeth starts to get some more action, she wont be jumping off bridges but she does get a little bit of a groove on.

Were you surprised by the backlash from the change in the opening sequence?

I didn't realise people were so invested in the opening credits, but i have to agree I was not a fan of the new credits, I was actually disappointed. I was really happy that the fans spoke and they got what they wanted.

It was great to see you saving the day in the episode "Deadline", how did you enjoy the role reversal during that episode?

It is always fun to have little bit of role reversal. Its always fun to work with other cast members.

Is there any cameos for your daughter coming up on White Collar, now that your husband has been in it?

Oh No, we are gonna try and keep her behind the camera as long as possible. I wouldn't understand how we can integrate her into the show.

The finale has you involved greatly in the final scene and you have mentioned that you are returning more to the art scene. Is this leading to you being tied to the art that Mozzie just sold on the recent episode and you tracking it down?

Well I know your from Spoiler TV so I won't spoil it to much but I am involved in the cliffhanger and when I come back in January I definitely come back as part of a big episode, it picks off where we leave in the summer and then continues in a few episodes after that.

How have you found the interaction with fans via twitter?

I'm still new at the facebook/twitter thing. I'm definitely involved but not as much as some people. It is fun to see what people are responding to in your life and professionally and the things you are doing. The social media aspect is really exciting and amazing with where it is taking us.

In last weeks episode Sara found the treasure and ran away from Neal. How do you think Elizabeth would have reacted if she had found the treasure?

That's a great question. I would think she would have a very hard time with it. She is always behind her husband and she would have to go to him. I think she always tries to see the good in Neal and would try to explore what went on and would see he was having second thoughts. I think she would have gone to Neal first to give him a chance.

Is the episode you mentioned earlier in January the episode where Joe Manganiello guest stars?

Yes it is the episode, he moves in 3 doors down form the Burke's. He's not so nice a character. He's a great actor, Matt and him were at school together and were good friends. He was great fun to work with.

Do you think Elizabeth would be a better FBI Agent or a Con Artist?

Wow, that's hard. I always believe women are better actors [laughs]. She has been married to a FBI agent for over 10 years so probably an FBI agent because she knows that world. Not that she couldn't be a good con man to.

Are you now more recognised for your work on White Collar?

I always know when a new show I'm on is doing well, not that they stop talking about my previous shows because I was on 2 popular shows and that's hard to get people to stop talking about. Lately the past couple of years people are talking about White Collar, which is exciting because I love to know that people are watching current work and falling in love with what I am doing now.

Is there any scene's that have stood out to you so far?

I've done a lot more in the past few weeks, I will have to tweet a pic closer to the episode air date in January from a stunt I do where i wrecked a chair and its really quite funny.

What is your favourite thing about working on White Collar?

It is one of the nicest cast and crew Ive worked with in 30 years. We laugh constantly. Tim and Willie love to make people laugh, its just such a fun set to work on. I just wish people could come visit the set for 5 minutes just to see how much fun we have and I hope it translates to screen. We also spend a lot of time together off screen which is very rare for a show.

As a final question and it's a tough one, how would you describe the mid-season finale in 3 words?

Riveting, surprising and [Long pause].... Shocking.

25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Tiffani Thiessen

August 2 2011

Tiffani Thiessen, 37, (catch her on White Collar on USA every Tuesday at 9 P.M.) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

  1. When I was little I wanted to be a dancer.
  2. Morning is my favorite time. Sunday is my favorite day. Spring is my favorite season.
  3. I could watch E.T. forever. That little alien still makes me tear up.
  4. If I wasn't acting, I'd be an event planner.
  5. I was valedictorian of my private school. Of course, there were only 50 kids!
  6. Creamy peanut butter, not chunky.
  7. I knew I was in love with my husband, Brady [Smith], when he performed an invisible hula-hoop dance. Picture it!
  8. I never went to college. But I would totally go later in life. Go, Granny!
  9. I had chickens growing up. And no, I didn't live on a farm.
  10. I am a neat freak.
  11. I am addicted to Smartwater.
  12. I grew up by the beach — but I don't know how to surf.
  13. My perfect day would begin with my daughter's smile and end with making dinner at home with a nice glass of vino and then going to bed early.
  14. My daughter, Harper, inspired my baby furniture and bedding line with Lonni Paul. (petitnest.com)
  15. My grandparents were married 65 years, my parents are at 47. Brady and I are at six.
  16. Every year my husband and I drive an RV to Texas to visit his family.
  17. Even after 30 hours of labor and a C-section, my daughter's birthday, June 15, 2010, was one of the best days of my life.
  18. My favorite singer is David Gray.
  19. My favorite vacation was my honeymoon to Greece.
  20. I have always wanted to go to Ireland.
  21. I am a sixth-generation Californian.
  22. I gave up caffeine when I was pregnant.
  23. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I love my job.
  24. My mom gave Harper her middle name, Renn.
  25. Things that make me laugh: my husband, my daughter and Eddie Izzard.